The role of the recruiter is much maligned in the current workplace.  Whether you perceive them as a necessary evil, a leach on society or are just plain indifferent it is hard to find much good to be said.

Even with REC’s “good recruitment” project they will be hard pushed to change the general attitude toward recruiters.

Why is this?

Well, the reality is that to be a really great 360 degree recruiter you need to have a wider range of skills than Superman has super powers.

Think of the different skills you need to be a respected recruiter in your market place:
You need the power to win clients by demonstrating business understanding and a desire to build a long term relationship
You need to be able to find candidates through many different methods, using both physical methods (such as referrals) and non-physical methods (such as job boards and social media)
Once you have found them you need to build a relationship with them based on trust.
When you have a vacancy you may be competing against 2 or 3 other agencies and have to present candidates that are well qualified and match the requirements at lightening speed.
You need to nurture both candidates and clients through the process, helping each side to understand each others likes and dislikes in the impending partnership.
Finally, you need to do this 2/3 times a month to keep your job……

For a modern recruiter the ability to balance needs of your clients, your candidates and your manager is a truly super human endeavour…..

So what are the top 5 super powers a great recruiter needs to survive in the modern world?

1: Be a force for good:  Whether you favour Luke Skywalker or Superman you need to choose the side of ‘good’ to a super recruiter.  The dark side may bring you short term success but longevity will be limited.  What does the force for good represent?  Always doing the right thing by the candidate and the client even when it costs you personally in the short term.   Short term actions and ‘chasing the buck’ will not make you a great recruiter.

2: X-ray vision:  Sourcing candidates requires an amazing breadth of skills in the modern world,  not only do you need a strong referral network but also an ability to mine the web to be able to find the unfindable.    A warning though – with super power comes responsibility.   You need to use your knowledge with discretion and integrity to avoid using the information you have in a way that serves the dark side!

3: Super sensitive hearing:  The ability to listen to your client and and candidate needs intently then use this knowledge to help them reach their goals or avoid potential pitfalls is an essential superpower.   Remember super hearing is not just about listening to the words said but understanding what is meant by how the words sounds and feel.

4: Speed:   I was taught from early on in my career that there are only two types of recruiter in the world “the quick and the dead”.  Whilst speed is important to being a great recruiter you must not let that affect accuracy of your matches or make your customers feeling pressurised.   Speed needs to serve the interests of your clients and candidates, not your month-end billing cycle…..

5: Invincibility:  To be a great recruiter the ability to pick yourself up after knocks is essential.  Some of the knocks may be unjust, unlucky or just unfair but you need to be able to keep going and move forward, not holding grudges for the pain or loss suffered that day, week or month.

So which of these super powers do you have?

What other super powers do you think make you a super recruiter?