‘Retain & Gain’

Retain & gain’, a phrase coined by our recruitment coach Alan Clarke, a.k.a Mr RecruiterFit. Alan believes that for far too long large sections of the recruitment industry have worked ‘for free’ and this has been the norm for many decades. He thinks it is time for you to reconsider your options, your solutions, your value and the types of client relationships you have.

Retain committed clients, gain their commitment as well as money up front. Does this sound like an ideal world to you?

Gaining client commitment through retaining you has countless benefits for all parties in the recruitment process and recruiters should not fear asking for ‘money up front’.   Ask yourself these questions:

Have you ever ordered something online and paid for it in full?

Have you ever booked a holiday and paid a deposit up front?

Have you ever bought a car and paid a down payment?

Did you just answer ‘yes’ to all 3?

So why do we not hesitate parting with our hard earned cash?  

Why don’t you wait to get the goods, get the car and come back from your holiday before you pay?  Because it doesn’t work that way! 

It’s something that we have been accustomed too, much like many recruiters, clients have been accustomed to having all the work done by you for free, only pay when the person starts and then they get 30-60 days to pay and a rebate period too!  How’s that sounding to you right now?

Here at the Gym we want to readdress this balance and have worked very closely with Alan to develop an online ‘How to sell client retainers’ course. 

How To Sell Client Retainers Program

It has been designed as a 6 week program with 38 separate videos, supporting documents and tests, plus 6 webinars to support each of the following main sessions:

Retainers - where to start

Negative mindsets towards retainers

Overcoming negative mindsets towards retainers

Identifying retainer opportunities

Building your retained proposition

Presenting your solution and objection handling

We believe passionately that recruiters should be valued more and we would love to think that you agree with this sentiment too.  To that end this course will provide you with not just techniques and understanding but also the confidence to be able to identify and win more retained business and therefore offer more value and BE more valued.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Gym or Alan directly at alan@recruiterfit.co.uk