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Meet Russell, your contract coach

Hi, I’m Russell, I have 24 years recruitment experience and have a huge passion for the industry.

Over the last 6 years I has been working as a freelance trainer/consultant helping various recruitment companies grow their business through training, mentoring and working with MD’S on strategizing business plans.

All my success has been building business and desks from scratch with no candidate or client base. My major focus has been on starting and growing out contract/contingency divisions.

I want to share my knowledge, experience and passion to help companies and management teams grow and succeed through training programmes, hands-on mentoring and strategic development and coaching.

3 problems I can solve:

Finding/ developing a list of top contract/ hiring managers

The key to being a top/consistent contract consultant is first to identify a top list of best managers that you want to work with. I  help consultants with techniques and process to make sure that you have the right and best people to engage first to build relationship.

How to win contract business quickly

Everybody wants to win contract business quickly but this is not easy. I will teach you techniques and processes that will allow you to do this without breaking rapport with both candidates and clients.

How to get the best ROI on the contract jobs you work

Deciding on what contract jobs to work now and what not to work now is absolutely critical so you don’t waste your time. I will teach you techniques through my contract job spec form that will encourage you to ask the right problem solving questions to see if your client has a real need for a contract now or not.

3 questions I like being asked:

“How do I initiate conversations with managers?”

“How do I find a job/ candidate today?”

“Why do clients waste my time when they say they have a job but then they don’t hire?”

My contract recruitment training courses 

Building A 360 Contract Desk

An 8 week course for contract consultants who are new to recruitment or looking to develop their own 360 consistent billing contract desk. This course will give consultants the skills and proven strategies on how to map their market to find the best clients and candidates, how to win business now through market intelligence and how to build pipeline business through proactive business development.


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