The 5 Best Chrome Extensions that will save you time!

Do you find yourself putting in hours of your week into tedious and mind-numbing tasks? Losing valuable time scrolling, you could be putting into progressing your abilities and getting closer to your goals. Then these Chrome Extensions might be the answer your looking for.

The most successful individuals in every field implement the quickest and most effective systems to complete these tasks before they even have the chance to steal their precious time.

Chrome Extensions are the simplest and most effective way to take control of your time and conquer the tasks that held you back before.

Here are 5 essential Chrome Extensions for saving you time, selected by experts across multiple industries with decades of experience.

Chrome Extension 1 – Google Dictonary 

This extension may not be as impressive and ground-breaking as you expected, but we’re only just getting started.

Google Dictionary offers a shortcut when finding the correct spelling or definition of a word and even help you expand your vocabulary with the built-in thesaurus. You simply highlight the word, and it does the rest for you.

This add-on comes in handy more times than you’d expect each day. Whether you’re scrolling LinkedIn and see a fancy word you’ve never heard of or are looking for ways to make your emails sound a touch more professional. You can now find the answers without the hassle of leaving your browser and risk getting distracted by ads for cheap holidays and fluffy socks.

Chrome Extension 2 – Candidate Look-Up by Code

After a brief look it would make sense to assume this extension would only be advantageous to its target audience of recruiters. However, this extension can hugely benefit every single person reading this, let me explain why.

Firstly, what is the primary function of this add-on? Candidate Look-Up by CODE helps you to cross reference people via a range of social media platforms and search engines. Instead of wasting time searching for the individual on every platform one by one. You can highlight their name and complete a mass search across all your desired platforms using the built-in features.

How can this benefit non-recruiters? You may have realised by now but if not the answer I simple, run a search on yourself. Managing our own digital footprint is not so easy and there may be some profiles and content out there that maybe you wouldn’t want future employers or nosey co-workers to see. Candidate Look-Up can help you find any content you would rather keep separate from your professional identity, before anyone else can.

Chrome Extension 3 – Eyedropper

An essential for marketers, business owners and anyone creating content at both small and large scales. Eyedropper allows you to select any colour from your webpage and bookmark it for later use. This extension is particularly useful when sticking to a set colour pallet to establish brand identity and keeping consistent colour patterns across campaigns.

As a marketer myself I can confidently say that I use this extension multiple times per day whilst creating social media posts, email campaigns and other forms of content creation. I would recommend everyone to download this tool as it may prove itself to be useful a lot more then you expect.

Chrome Extension 4 – Magical

Magical, by its own description, can seriously reduce the time you spend entering data. mass messaging and sourcing

Magical can pick content from major websites like LinkedIn, and Google Sheets and use them with one shortcut to fill a spreadsheet which normally requires a few dozen copy-paste tasks. You can then transfer this information into an email by creating a shortcut saving you hours you would have spent previously going from page to page.

This extension is really one you must see for yourself. It has been recommended by top level sourceres and business owners alike, there is no doubt that this is an essential.

Chrome Extension 5 – Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do list

 If you’re reading this blog post for the sole reason of finding ways to become more efficient and save time, your best course of action is to start at the root cause of the problem, YOU.

More specifically your bad habits, whether it be scrolling on social media or getting caught by sneaky news headlines, at some point in your day you’re going to waste time. Nobody is 100% efficient, the goal isn’t to be perfect. However, you can improve your efficiency by implementing healthy work habits.

This is where the next extension comes in, with Focus To-Do you can capture and organize tasks into your to-do lists, set reminders for important tasks and start a focus timer to help hold you accountable. Something as small as a timer or a to-do-list can have massive impacts on your efficiency.