Too Many Systems, Not Enough Process or Recruitment Training?

Lisa Jones, Barclay Jones

Look at the stats:

  1. Recruiter attrition 25%+
  2. 2/3 of people quitting their jobs citing a lack of training
  3. And how much it costs to replace a recruiter (£10k per new recruiter to get them billing)

…are not great reading – and ironically the answer to the problem is point 2.

In this episode of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast,  Lisa from Barclay Jones spoke to our coach Alex Moyle:

Alex and I have been in recruitment and training for a long time, and we talked about:

  • What is one of the most important things a recruitment leader needs to do for their team of recruiters?
  • How can recruitment managers get their recruiters to recruit more effectively?
  • What’s the one thing that Alex feels that learning / training will really have an impact on in 2019?
  • What are Alex’s hacks for recruiters to help them with business development?
  • What tips did we both have for how to monetise recruitment data