Recruitment Tech Innovator Launches New Tool To Change The Way Recruiters Buy Software

One of the country’s newest recruitment technology innovators is launching a range of revolutionary comparison services to help recruiters make smarter, more informed decisions about the software they use. Rectec, who already  provide a range of recruitment technology consulting services, is now turning its attention to standardising the software buying process, and changing the way organisations buy recruitment software, such as applicant tracking systems and recruitment CRM’s.

Rectec’s innovative online tool supports employers and staffing agencies as they work to identify the right recruitment technologies for their needs. The application helps organisations to better understand their own unique requirements, matching software vendors to these specific needs, and providing all the information that organisations need to make informed buying decisions.

Finding and procuring recruitment software is not difficult, but finding and procuring the right recruitment software is very challenging and can be extremely time consuming. Having been in the recruitment industry for over 15 years myself, I’ve seen too many times, organisations being blindsided by visually appealing software with nifty new features, and missing the crucial functionality they need to solve the unique business challenges they face. Our own research suggests that there are more than 450 different applicant tracking systems available today, which is a ridiculous number for recruiters to sensibly be able to trawl through and assess. Our unique solution cuts through the noise, and highlights the very best software fit.

Rob Green

Founder & Director, Rectec

Rectec’s game changing platform has been designed in response to a critical issue that is only expected to be exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. For years, the ATS market has been noted as being over-crowded and hugely competitive, making it difficult for recruiters to ensure they are using the best software for their needs, and making the best hiring decisions. Now, as businesses begin to enter a vital period of recovery, it is more important than ever before to ensure access to the right skills to facilitate recovery and growth.

Access to the online comparison tool, Rectec Compare, is now available at no cost to eligible users and has powerful built-in features including software assessment capability and RFI automation tools