Meet Vanessa

I have over 15 years of experience in the Recruitment Industry & I have specialised in the Tech space for most of this time. Before starting my career in Recruitment, I taught unruly school children in London; operated a ski chairlift in the USA & taught people to Scuba Dive in SE Asia.I launched my own Sourcing Training Business in 2019. I have never been as challenged, yet at the same time, as fulfilled as I am now. I am passionate about raising the standard of Sourcing globally with a particular focus on Africa.I also love presenting about talent sourcing, especially diversity sourcing, and sharing my knowledge, and experience, with others. I am often asked to deliver Keynote Presentations at international conferences.When I am not in work mode, you will probably find me having a lekker (vegetarian) braai with family & friends, preferably in the Bush or at the Beach!

 You are most welcome to connect with me on Twitter & Instagram too – @Van_Raath

3 problems I can solve:

Finding people to fill positions

  • ‘I can’t find the right people to fill this position’ or ‘These people don’t exist’ or ‘No one has the right skills that my client is looking for’. I can solve all of these problems but assisting your Rexruiters to use the whole Internet to research the roles that they are trying to fill.

Costs getting you down?

  • ‘I am spending a fortune on tools like LinkedIn Recruiter and they aren’t helping us to find the right talent’. This is another problem that I can solve as I do not believe that you even need a LinkedIn Recruiter licence to be a great sourcer of talent. I source talent all over the world and I have NEVER paid for LinkedIn

Candidate responses

  • ‘Why don’t candidates respond to me?’ or ‘I can find the people but no one responds to my emails’. A major part of being a successful Recruiter these days is your outreach messaging. How many emails are you sending? What are you saying in these emails? Are you being a human being? I can increase your reach-out response to over 75%.

3 questions I like being asked:

How can you assist me to really make my Recruitment agency stand out from all the Competitors that we have out there?

“I am not having any success finding the right candidates on Job boards or LinkedIn, but I don’t know where else to look?”

“We have loads of clients and orders to fill but we just can’t find the right people to fill these roles – where would you suggest that we look for this type of talent?”